5 dic. 2015

How I passed Nclex with 75 questions, being a foreign nurse.

Nclex test.

Hello nurses.
My name is Maria, I am from Spain, and I recently passed Nclex with 75 questions at the second try.
In this video, I will explain you what I did the second time that I took the Nclex that I didn't do the first time.

The first time, I used Nclex a summary from an Nclex- RN student (Click here to download it) . However, although it was very useful as a summary to review the information, it was not the best option for passing the boards. I strongly recommend you to use it because it is plenty of mnemonics and because it is a great summary but, use it as a review and not as a first source of information.

Since nurses educated in the States have approximately a  80 percent of chance of passing Nclex at the first time, you want to do the same that they do. For that reason, I recommend you to learn about strategies for passing Nclex. As I said in the previous video, nurses here learn a lot of tricks and strategies for passing Nclex. Strategies about prioritization, delegation, mnemonics…. And you want to do exactly the same.
For learning strategies I recommend you to get this book: Kaplan NCLEX-RN Premier. This book provides many useful tips for passing Nclex.

This two things was the most important things I did the first time I took the Nclex.

For the second time, I decided do my best for passing the test and It worked out.
I read the whole Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Exam - With CD - 5th edition. I know it is overwhelming, but it was super useful. I also answered all the question in the book. The question of the Saunders books are easier that Nclex but these question help me to understand and complete the information of each chapter in the book.

Another thing that I highly recommend you, it is pay for Kaplan Q-bank. Kaplan's questions are the most similar to Nclex and for training for Nclex are the best.

With all of this, I wanna say you that is it better to trust in the main brands. Brands that have been years training nurses and help them to pass Nclex. I trusted in Kaplan and Saunders and I would do it again.

The Nclex preparation took me around 5 months of study but that depends of when did you finish your degree. I finished mine 7 years ago.

For finishing, I want to add a couple of things:

First, don't read about other people's experience . You are an individual with your own circumstances. Each person has his own story and it is probably different than yours. In addition, reading about other people's experience make you feel stress and that is the last thing you want to feel during the test.

The results takes 48 hours. So, although you take the test on Friday, you will have the results on Sunday.
The Pearson Vue trick works but you must to be willing to spend 200 dollars because for doing it you must to go to the end. However, If you dont passed it you have to pay it anyway and If you passed it, you will have the 'pop up' and any amount of money will be charged in you account.

Nclex summary

Critical thinking Kapplan video

See my publication about Nclex passing rates

Share with me your opinion at the end of this page.

If you prefer, here is the audio version.

My best wishes for you. Good luck nurse.

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